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The owners of High Noon Guns spent months searching for just the right gunsmith — someone who would fit in at their ever-expanding shooting complex on Bee Ridge Road. They found just the right guy, in Canada no less, and promptly moved him lock, stock and barrel (and lathe, CNC machine, computers, drill presses and about two tons of other gear) to Sarasota. Francisco Abusaid, 53, is originally from Columbia, where his family owns a textile firm. He grew up fascinated with machines, which led to a strong background in electrical engineering. He moved his family to Canada in the late 1990s, and spent eight years at Para-Ordnance, before the firm moved to the states and was later bought-out by Remington. Sad, that. To say Francisco understands the 1911 is a massive understatement.


“When I was at Para, I learned how to make the 1911 from beginning to end,” he said.

Francisco’s qualifications and certifications are legion. Suffice it to say he’s a qualified millwright and machinist who’s been certified by Sig-Sauer, Colt, Accuracy International and about a dozen more manufacturers, including ARWEN, in case there’s a 37mm five-shot rotary grenade launcher in need of fine tuning.


He’s a former member of Columbia’s national practical pistol team, where he earned a Grand Master rank and served as team armorer. He was also gunsmith to the Ontario Provincial Police — they carry Sigs — and operated his own custom gun shop.


His specialty? Francisco builds race guns, mostly on STI and Para frames. And he’s built blue-printed 1,000-yard rifles capable of 1/4 to 1/2 MOA. He tried to explain barrel harmonics and how it can effect accuracy in long-distance shooting. I nodded politely, not understanding a word. Francisco operates at a very high level.


In Sarasota, he hopes to build high-end 1911s, ARs and other custom guns, while providing the daily gunsmithing that’s always in demand. I think our local shooting community owes a debt of gratitude to the good-hearted renegades at High Noon Guns for bringing him to our AO. He should fit in nicely.


Francisco builds a quality AR:



Welcome to the Gunshine State, Francisco.

Here’s a couple great examples of his work, which he provided:

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"Taken from article written by Lee Williams of the Sarasota Herald Tribune."


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